Evaluator training within the ADRIATIC 2018 project

ADRIATIC 2018 Evaluator training was held from 27 to 28 March 2018, in Podgorica, Montenegro. Evaluator training was organized by consortium partners, the Ministry of the Interior - the Emergency Management Agency of Montenegro and the State Administration for Protection and Rescue as a project coordinator.

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ADRIATIC 2018 TTX exercise was held in Split, Divulje Center for Specialized Training from 20 to 21 March 2018.

This exercise was based on the same scenario as for the ADRIATIC 2018 civil defense field exercise, which will take place from 21 to 25 May 2018 - tanker and ferry crash due to poor weather conditions, with the immediate consequences of fires and marine pollution, whose severe effects require international assistance through the activation of the Union Civil Protection Mechanism. 

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"ADRIATIC 2018" Final Planing Conference

On the 6th of February 2018.  the final project conference of "ADRIATIC 2018" was held in the Department for Specialized Training in Dvulje, Split. 

The conference brought together partners from the Republic of Slovenia - Protection and Rescue Directorate, Montenegrin Ministry of Interior – Directorate for Emergency Situations, The Ministry of the Sea, Transport and Infrastructure of the Republic of Croatia and a number of experts in the fields of sea protection, firefighting, diving and support forces involved in firefighting, passenger evacuation, as well as sea and coastline sanitation. 

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"ADRIATIC 2018" workshop

As a part of the EU project "ADRIATIC 2018", a workshop on "Firefighting on Large Boats and Underwater Activities" was held from October 03 to 04, 2017 in Tuheljske Toplice.

This workshop, along with a planned workshop on "Responses to the Open Sea and Coastline Pollution", is one of the projects activities whose outcomes will provide groundwork for the preparation of the civil defense field exercise in May 2018, at the location of Split Aquatics.

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Project partners

  • DUZS
  • MUP CG
  • MPPI